An exciting spouses’ program on its way

 An exciting spouses’ program on its way

Traveling with your loved one is a must if traveling to Cyprus. One of Europe’s top summer destinations needs good company and this is a great couple’s goal! Rest assured that you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you are attending the congress and you are visiting the island with your partner.

The organizing committee of MEDomfs23 along with a dedicated team of professionals will do their best to design and deliver an exciting spouses’ program that is hard to forget when going back home.

How about a day trip to some of the country’s most picturesque villages such as ‘Omodos’ and ‘Lefkara’? Cyprus’ villages have a long history and are blessed by the wild nature of Cyprus. Many of them are well known for their wine routes, others for their cobblestone narrow streets and others simply for their lifestyle.

Also, a day trip to Paphos city is a must. Cyprus’ first capital city is home to numerous important archaeological sites that are not to be missed. Paphos is less than an hour drive away from Limassol and can fascinate every visitor.

Our spouses’ program includes English-guided tours and comfortable transportation.

However, if one wishes to go with the flow and spend more time in Limassol, then do it as locals do. Choose among many beautiful beaches, go for brunch and shopping, rent a bicycle or simply choose a tour within the historic city center and get a glimpse of the Limassolians’ way of life.

The choice is yours, the pleasure is ours!